Mr. Salinas, Integradata director, started as a programmer and PC repairman since early nineties. At that time, Internet and connection technologies were still inmature in Argentina. The small personal venture jumped to establish itself as service provider in telecommunication networks.

Since borned, Integradata Solutions became a renown company. Integradata is a pioneer in telecommunications for the mining sector of Salta Puna. Its growth - based on honesty, reliability and bussiness ethics- was remarkably constant. The company is specialized in providing symmetrical internet systems without satelites and geographical limitations.

Our degree of specialization is so great that we get to implement the second highest antenna in the world at more than 6180 meters above sea level.

Today we are a part of IDS Group, together with Power Resources and Nubicom, and we are leaders in mining sector in northwestern Argentina.

Due to the excellent references from our customers, we projected throughout Latin America.


We work toghter with our customers so we can help them connect with the rest of the world regardless of their situation and their geographical limitations.

We are experts in satellite-less telecomunication technologies and internet network installation without geographical limits.

We aim to ensure all your connection needs.

"The secret in business success is to know where the world is going and be the first to get there"

Bill Gates


Integradata Solutions uses renewable energy in most of its antennas, solar energy is harnessed through our panels and provide the necessary support to make the connections.

In addition, we choose the best hardware from recognized companies that have proven reputation worldwide. Our suppliers have the highest references for technological innovations in sustainable development.

In Integradata we develop our own team, we train it, so they can work in the society in wich participates. Through our social sesponsability policies, we inspire them to engange with they surrounding society. Our team is also trained to respect and care of environmental surroundings.

In Integradata Solutions we know that there is one planet on which we live, and try to care for future generations.


These are the values that inspire us:











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