IDS Group and Integradata Solutions cultural values transcend ​​beyond the scope of the company. For several years and according to our MISSION we help society to connect and integrate in order to promote their welfare, specially the most relegated. The joint work with the oil and mining sector allows us to bring our services to areas that otherwise might not be covered.

At Integradata Solutions we understand that learning is the basis of social growth, and the Internet is now the simplest way to communicate that learning. Internet education is the teacher at home, the director in the classroom and the nation in a world of progress.

Integradata provides free of charge internet access to Alfarcito School Foundation in "Quebrada del Toro", giving internet connection to 101 students. Quebrada del Toro is the eastern part of the Puna de Atacama, southwest Lerma Valley in the Province of Salta. Alfarcito foundation is a nonprofit organization that carries out actions of social inclusion in Rosario de Lerma department.

In Los Andes department , province of Salta, it is the small town of Olacapato. The town is made up of a village of adobe, a chapel and a school. It is one of the highest locations in Argentina to be located at 4090 m.s.n.m. Here too, despite being a town of fewer than 200 people, 70 students attend the school that connects to the Internet. In the same department, Integradata also attends Tolar Grande school, the nearest town to the famous volcano Llullaillaco, where every day 50 students attends.

Integradata is the main sponsor of the local NGO Yungga "collective collaboration". This nonprofit organization was founded in Salta just two years ago and its intention is to connect via internet to different organizations and volunteering services throughout the province to meet different needs and social problems. As our social objectives are similar, we decided to support its actions since its inception.

All these actions are decided by Mr. Salinas and the rest of the board; but fundamentally, they are carried out by our own staff. Not only it is that we make a favorable social action, but that we develop and implement ourselves.


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